Is the BAMS Course Open to a Variety of Healthcare Job Opportunities?

BAMS Course

Is the BAMS Course Open to a Variety of Healthcare Job Opportunities?

BAMS is a great replacement and offers a variety of opportunities for students who always wanted to become a doctor but couldn’t afford the cost of MBBS.

ith its affordability and more job opportunities, it is a great career choice for students.The healthcare industry often releases various job for bams students.

Are you still not believing me? It’s Okay, read the article and you’ll be convinced that jobs for bams graduates and opportunities are plenty.

What is BAMS?

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery is a five-year undergraduate program that focuses on teaching the basics of ayurveda and traditional practices used to treat patients.

If you choose BAMS as a career option, you’ll be able to get a chance to practice the system of medicine that has been used for thousands of years to maintain the overall well-being of the human body.

It is an alternative method of treatment, based on curing properties of herbs. With growing awareness of ayurveda nowadays, more students are enrolling in BAMS course BAMS Graduates can work as ayurvedic doctors, researchers, and teachers, or can open their own hospitals.


As the world is progressing more and more people are realizing the worth of our Indian culture, the ancient treatment methods in ayurveda have proved effective in treating patients, and scope after BAMS is now much better.

There are plenty of career opportunities in ayurveda and you can choose different branches after completing your BAMS Degree Course, from Sri Sai Institute of Ayurvedic Research & Medicine, the list is mentioned below:

  • Professors: You can start teaching in any ayurvedic college after completing a degree in ayurvedic courses such as BAMS.
  • Research: You can opt for clinical research in any of the healthcare career sectors.
  • Ayurvedic Doctors: You can work as a doctor in government hospitals and you can also set up your own clinic and contribute to your society in giving them disease free life.
  • And you are also eligible for other government exams after completing your BAMS such as UPSC, and other state-level exams.
BAMS Course

The Graph above shows the job positions along with their average salaries mentioned in lakhs after completion of the bams and other ayurveda related courses.

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Eligibility & Admissions:

To seek admission into the Sri Sai Institute of Ayurvedic Research & Medicine, you must satisfy the following BAMS course eligibility:

  • A 10+2 examination or intermediate certification with a minimum of 50% in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as optional subjects or its equivalent Certificate/Diploma with the above subjects recognized by the Government.
  • NEET Qualified
  • Age should be 17 to 25 years as of 31st December of the year of admission.
  • If eligible, students will be admitted only through relevant Central/State Govt. counseling.


In the government or private sector, employers are hiring for jobs for bams graduates. However, some of the pharma companies also hire freshers for various roles

Some of the top recruiters for BAMS Graduates are given below:

  • Dabur
  • Hamdard Laboratories
  • Zandu Pharmaceuticals
  • The Himalaya Drug
  • Baidyanath


After BAMS Career is not limited to hospitals and clinics, but you are eligible to explore more career opportunities in ayurveda.

You can choose to work on different job profiles after completing any of the ayurveda courses. Some of the career opportunities in ayurveda are as follows:

  • Physician: As a fresh graduate, you can work under the guidance of some senior practitioners to gain knowledge and experience before offering services to patients on your own. After gaining some knowledge in this field, you will be ready to provide treatment to the patients.
  • Lecturer: As mentioned above, after BAMS Career is not just limited to hospitals and clinics you can also give lectures at any ayurvedic colleges but only after completing your post-graduation degree and demonstrating experience in the teaching field.
  • Drug Manufacturing: BAMS Graduates can choose to work in the manufacturing sector to boost the production of Ayurvedic medicines, cosmetics, and other food products.
  • Pharmacist: In healthcare career is loaded with plenty of opportunities, you can also choose to work in the pharmaceutical sector. A lot of pharmaceutical companies like Cipla, Sun Pharma, etc often recruit fresh graduates from an ayurvedic background.

Once you become skilled in these professions mentioned above, you can be offered a good salary which increases with experience in the field. Some of the specific jobs after the BAMS Degree, with their average salary, is mentioned below in the table:

Ayurveda doctor 3.6 LPA
Lecturer 3.5 LPA
Medical officer 6.15 LPA
Scientist 6.5 LPA
Sales representatives 2.7 LPA
Pharmacist 2.6 LPA

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A career in ayurveda is the right option for you if you’re skilled in ayurvedic theory and have some skills such as logical thinking, emotional intelligence, patience, and empathy. There are several career opportunities in Ayurveda if you have an ambition to learn, grow, and serve society.


  • Will I get a job after BAMS?

    Yes, you can easily get a job after bams in various fields such as research, ayurvedic medicine, and business sectors etc.

  • Which specialization is best after BAMS?

    Some of the popular specializations after a BAMS include pediatrics, gynecology, and nutritionist etc.

  • What is the next career after BAMS?

    Working as Ayurvedic doctors in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare sectors can be your career after completing BAMS.

  • Can I do cardiology after BAMS?

    Unfortunately No, you cannot pursue fields like cardiology after BAMS.